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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

It's no secret that last year was a hell of a year for all of us. If you had someone by your side who helped you endure the pandemic and madness that engulfed the world, they deserve to be shown just how special they are.

Forget the chocolate, balloons and flowers. They're cliché. While they do have their place, it's your job to dig a layer deeper and show your partner that you know them better than anyone else.

No run-of-the-mill gifts allowed here!

  1. Quarantine

Did you quarantine with your special someone? What did you guys do during that time? Did you play a lot of board games, watch any interesting movies or share some hilarious memes?

Whatever activities you shared, we can create a memory shadow box of different items that bring a smile to both your faces when you see it. It can be a puzzle, a movie poster, a board game with all the pieces, album covers, paw prints of a new furry friend etc.

2. Custom Printing & Framing

Remember that awesome vacation you went on with your special someone? I bet you have a ton of amazing photos living on your phone that rarely get seen. BRING THEM TO LIFE! Don't doom the past to stay living on the cloud. Re-live your favorite memories everyday with a high-quality archival print made to stand the test of time.

It can be as simple as a standard size frame with an easel back, super versatile and cute. It could be 2 or 3 images from date night or a concert you both attended. It could be a long over due wedding photo that needs to get printed and framed. Whatever memory is most special to you and your partner, let us help you create something absolutely stunning!

3. The Artist

Perhaps your person is an artist or a photographer. Maybe they've never had their work framed before. It would be the sweetest gesture to pick one of their favorite pieces of their own work to have framed. It's such a loving gesture to know your partner supports your creative endeavors and really listens to you when you talk about the things you're passionate about.

4. The Interior Designer

Does your partner LOVE re-decorating? Are they constantly watching HGTV and following current design trends? Moreover, are you not so sure you could nail their style if you wanted to have something framed for them? Worry not! We have gift cards available. Despite it not being a physical gift at the moment, your partner will be super excited to be able to complete their home improvement projects!

I hope these Valentine's Day gift ideas bring you value and get the wheels turning on some really thoughtful gifts!

Stay safe and take care!



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