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So This Is Your First Time Framing

Fear not! I know framing is often daunting and people assume it costs an arm, a leg and a blood sample. It doesn't! Depending on how fancy you want it to be, sure the cost could go up indefinitely. But if you just want something on the simpler side, it is definitely do-able on a budget. Here are 5 steps to framing confidently.

1. Seek Out Professionals

Often times, people opt to go to big box stores because they think they're getting a better deal and that the employees know what they're doing. Chances are, the don’t. We have heard TONS of horror stories of ruined art at big box stores and we always advise people to avoid them. Whether you decide to do business with us or not, we always recommend doing some research and to shop local. It is of paramount importance to have your art handled by professionals.

2. Consider The Item Being Framed

Is it a poster? Is it a family heirloom? Is it an expensive piece of art? The materials that should be used for these are different.

For example, a regular, unsigned poster doesn't need museum glass to prevent it from fading. Chances are, the poster is inexpensive and can always be re-purchased should it fade. (If it is regular poster size, you can always swap it out for another poster. Re-using the frame can save you loads of money long term!) I know a lot of places will tell you that you should put the best of the best materials on even inexpensive things, but we are being real here. No bullshit. It’s not necessary. We don’t see the benefit of telling our customers, and anyone in general, that they need super expensive things to frame something that isn't worth spending loads of money on. #realtalk

On the other hand, if you are framing something of sentimental value or an expensive piece of art, we HIGHLY recommend going with high end materials to preserve it in the best way possible. If its important, consider spending the extra money for the longevity of the piece.

3. Budgeting

Before going to a frame shop, take some time to think of the budget you have in mind for framing your art. Be sure to let us know ahead of time that you have a specific price range. That way, we can work with you to optimize the bang for your buck. We have a variety of affordable options for budget savvy customers, so you know that when you come in, we got you.

4. Have An Idea Of What Your Style Is

Even if you have never framed anything before, don’t be shy about letting us know what kind of style you have! No one knows better than you what makes you go WOW! Think about the room that the piece will be going in, the colors on the wall and the furniture. Sometimes, it is also helpful to take a picture of the wall that you intend to hang the art on. It can give us a better visual to help create a stunning design for your space.

5. Turn Around Time

On average, framing takes 1 to 2 weeks for completion. This is mainly due to having to order materials that can come from places across the globe, such as Italy. We are dedicated to assembling your frame and handling your art professionally and with an exceptional eye to detail. Its definitely worth the wait! And once you see the finished piece, it'll be love at first sight! #framegamestrong



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