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F. A .Q.

Here are some of the questions we get asked most often. Don't see your question here?  Feel free to send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

How long does it take to frame my piece?

It takes about 2 weeks, however we do have rush options available.


Do you dry mount and shrink wrap?

Of course!


Do you frame oil paintings?

We sure do.


What is the largest size a mat board comes? My art is pretty huge.

We carry white mat board in 60 x 86 inches. Pretty huge indeed!


What's the craziest thing you have framed?

There have been a lot of cool and incredible things people have brought in to us, and it's hard to choose just one. We did frame an entire Native American head dress. It was quite the project, but it turned out magnificent.


Can I get a print on canvas?



How large can you print a photograph?

We can print crisp photos 44 inches wide by any length. We recommend a high-resolution file for something on the larger side to ensure that the quality is superb.


Can I get your honest opinion? Do I really need all these mats? I feel like it's too much going on and it takes away from the art.

We promise to never try and sell you something for the sake of selling extra components. We want your art to be jaw dropping when it leaves our door, and sometimes less is more. We adore art and want to treat it the best way possible while preserving its integrity. One piece might look great with one mat, another piece might look good with 4 mats. It all depends. However, one thing you can count on, is the honesty of our staff to always lead you in the right direction.


Do you ship or crate art, framed or un-framed?

Yes we do. We ship and crate art, framed or not, worldwide!


Do you offer on site consulting?

Yes, we offer on site consulting, however we do charge an additional fee. Pricing depends on location and requires a non-refundable deposit. 


From previous experience, framing is expensive. How do you compare to the pricing of big box stores? Do you accept their coupons for framing?

Custom framing can be expensive depending on what you're framing and the materials chosen for your design. We are very competitive to the pricing of big box stores, and most often are less expensive. We do NOT accept their coupons, as they drive up the price on their frames and offer "savings". By the time the coupon is applied, they haven't awarded you any savings. It's an illusion. And we're not about that here at Peter V's. We're always up front with you 100% of the time. We have framing solutions to fit every budget. No order is too small.



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