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About Us

Our story begins in the early 80's when Peter decided to answer an ad in the newspaper for a picture framing job. He didn't really know what the job entailed, but thought he would try it out. After the first month of trial and error accompanied with learning any new skill, he started to fall in love with framing. As the months turned into years, he worked on perfecting his techniques as well as his eye for design. Peter wanted to take his passion to greater heights, and decided after 8 years of having a boss, he would be his own boss. 

In the summer of 1991, Peter V's Framing was born. At first it was a mobile business, bringing framing to clients in the Chicagoland area. Peter framed out of the basement of his house, and persisted with exceptional customer service and craftsmanship. It wasn't long before his reputation spread within the artistic community, and he was working with several high profile River North galleries and artists. 

The word of mouth spread further, and led Peter to work for clients such as: Barack Obama's Chicago office, Walt Disney, Harpo Studios, Bill Curtis, Chicago Bears members, ESPN Zone (Chicago & New York), Home Alone the movie, Harry Potter for Channel 32 News and more. He's also had the pleasure to work with countless artists, photographers, architects, galleries and designers. 

On July 16th, 2020 Peter passed away from pancreatic cancer. His daughter Eliza has taken over the family frame shop, and decided to re-brand. The business is now Eliza V's Framing & Printing. She is incredibly proud of what her father accomplished. Eliza is honored to carry the torch and continue Peter's legacy. Two generations of kick-ass framing! The legendary Peter V. lives on!


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